Hotels in Turunç

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Turunç Details

Turunc is considered to be an example of unspoiled Turkey – an area that has not yet been fully discovered by tourists. It’s on the southwest of Turkey, in an interesting location above the point where the Mediterranean and Aegean seas join together. Because of this, it’s the only country that sits in both Europe and Asia, and also sits near some of the most fascinating ruins in Turkey. Discount hotels are not hard to find, since tourists are not competing for space. But has the best Turunc budget hotel choices.An unusual and fun site in Turunc are the Pamukkale Lime Terraces. These naturally formed lime cliffs are popular places to soak for both locals and tourists, and the minerals in the water are felt by some to have soothing, curative properties. The town of Ephesus is nearby, with the stunning ancient Roman ruins. The Ephesus library alone will astonish you with how intact it remains. Another popular option offered by entrepreneurial locals is a jeep tour, which will lead you through some old villages and spectacular mountain passes.