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    Urgüp, is a very old and very picturesque town in Turkey. It is a great place to spend the weekend; Urgüp is well equipped for tourists, yet retains much of its original charm. Youll find many hotels in Urgüp, and can help you sort through them all so that you find the best Urgüp hotels for your stay. They can even help you find the discount hotels Urgüp has to offer if finding Urgüp cheap hotels is a priority. Youll find plenty to do in this beautiful little town. The entire area of Cappadocia has a landscape thats reminiscent of the moon. There are many rocks and caves. In fact, Urgüp has its own caves that you can visit. This part of Turkey is also very popular for hot air ballooning, and youll find many companies that are happy to take you for a ride high above the gorgeous landscape. Just 5km to the west is Göreme, where youll find the Göreme Open Air Museum. This museum holds the region's best collection of painted cave-churches. Medieval orthodox Christian monks carved the caves from the soft volcanic stone and decorated them with elaborate Byzantine frescoes.