Hotels in River Menderes valley

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River Menderes valley Details

For a relaxing weekend, River Menderes Valley offers ancient thermal bathes. The waters of these baths are the same waters that have created an unusual natural site called Pamukkale. The "cotton castle" is a stunning display of calcified limestone that flowed over the land and then hardened in frozen splendor. The brilliantly white cascades must be seen to be believed. The ancient cities include Didyma, Aphrodisias and Hierapolis. Stay in one of the River Menderes Valley cheap hotels and visit all of the area attractions. You can swim in the thermal waters that flow over the remains of Hierapolis, or tour Aphrodisias. Aphrodisius was built to honor the goddess of fertility – Aphrodite. There are many building ruins still standing that give you a vivid picture of life in the 2nd century.