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Sanliurfa is also known as Urfa and it is located in the South Eastern Anatolian region of Turkey. According to both the bible and the Koran the ancient town was the birthplace of Abraham. Legend has it that the cruel King Nimrod had Abraham launched from the citadel to fall into a pile of burning wood, but that God intervened. Abrahams cave is part of a mosque complex that can be visited today. Sanliurfa, located on the Euphrates River, dates back around 3,500 years to Hittite times making it one of the longest continually inhabited locations in the world. There are plenty of historical tourist attractions to keep visitors busy and one of them is the Sanliurfa Archaeological and Ethnological Museum. This should be high on everyones agenda while in Sanliurfa as it has around 17,000 archaeological pieces, 44,000 ancient coins, seal pressings tablets and much more from the variety of peoples who have inhabited and conquered the area throughout the ages. Points of interest in the town include: Dergah, the religious pilgrimage area; the exotic medieval bazaar; the Throne of Nimrod fortress and much more. Dont miss the chance to explore the old center of the lower Harran Ovasi, ancient Harran where it is said that Abraham lived. The Crusader Church is also an interesting place to visit being the only church in Sanliurfa. It was once used as a prison and is now being restored.