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          There has been much political and historical unrest in Crimea/Ukraine, but through these unfortunate circumstances a rather interesting land has been formed. This is a popular destination amongst those who travel to the Ukraine, and therefore there are some great discount hotels in Crimea Ukraine to accommodate any type of budget. The history of this land can be told through the beautiful architecture and memorable landmarks, they all help to tell the story within this region.Theres so much to see in this land, but the best points of interest that make the list in Crimea Ukraine are the historic and beautiful Livadia Palace, the Swallows Nest castle, Mount Mithridat, and the Vorontstovs Palace. These are some of the most beautiful attractions to demonstrate this rather historic culture, but there is even more beyond those listed. Its good to know that you can find an excellent offering of cheap hotels in Crimea Ukraine to make your trip affordable and enjoyable.