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    If you happen to be injured while traveling in Kiev, you can be certain that you will receive excellent care at the American Medical Center. The American Medical Center is dedicated to providing the highest standard of health care available in Eastern and Central Europe. Much as its name suggests, the American Medical Center uses the latest diagnostic and therapeutic protocols from both the United States and the European Union. The American Medical Center has affiliations with all of the major hospitals and medical learning centers worldwide. All of their facilities are recognized by the worlds leading healthcare institutions and they are a fully licensed healthcare facility.The American Medical Center currently employees over two hundred medical professionals and associates. Specialists are available in a variety of fields from diagnostics to immunization, womens health to prenatal care and cardiology to neurosurgery. The hospital offers special exams for those who require one in order to obtain a visa as well as a fully operational around the clock emergency care department. In short, the American Medical Center in Kiev is one of the most highly respected places to receive treatment.

    Address: Berdychivska Street, 1, Kyiv, Ukraine

    Phone: +380 44 490 7600