Hotels in Boryspil International Airport

    Boryspil International Airport Details

    The Boryspil International Airport is committed to ensuring the satisfaction of their customers and remaining as environmentally friendly as possible. In addition to providing services to airlines, passengers and other aviation clients they also offer services to non-aviation clients. They do this by renting space, equipment and property. They supply power and water to all of their airport facilities. In addition they offer services on cargo storage, handling of valuable cargo and much more.The Boryspil International Airport takes their customers opinions seriously. They have a business lounge for business class passengers, a terminal for VIP passengers as well as had two hotels reconstructed for the comfort of their guests. They request their opinions through questionnaires, they take into consideration the experience of other leading airports worldwide and they implement new sophisticated equipment to help ensure the regularity and safety of flights. Boryspil International Airport currently accepts regular flights from thirty-eight foreign airlines as well as thirty-two Ukranian airlines.

    Address: 08307 Boryspil 7, Kyiv Region, Ukraine

    Code: KBP

    Phone: +380 44 393 43 71