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    The Zoloti Vorota, known as the Golden Gate, was constructed between 1017 and 1024 by Yaroslav the Wise, the Prince of Kiev. The unique structure served as the gate to the city through the eighteenth century. The Golden Gate was also used as a defensive tower and a church. The Golden Gate is one of the Ukraines oldest surviving monuments.The Golden Gate is known to locals as the sky gate. The story is that every morning as the sun passes through the Golden Gate, it rises and enters the vault of heaven. The Golden Gate has been reconstructed several times since it was originally built, mainly due to weather damage. In 1240 the interior structure of the Golden Gate was destroyed by the Tatars, the only time enemies ever took the city, however they did not enter through the gate. The Golden Gate is an attraction bound to be of great interest to those travelers who are interested in learning more about the history and culture of Kiev.

    Address: Volodymyrska Street, 40А, Kyiv, Ukraine

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