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    Regional Trauma Hospital Details

    When traveling abroad in Donetsk, should the need for trauma related medical services arise, the Regional Trauma Hospital is just one of many options for quality professional health care. The hospital is a member of Orlando Regional Public Health Association (USA) and is the largest hospital in the Donbass region that specializes in trauma care. The medical personnel consists of fifteen doctors of sciences, professors and thirty Candidates of Medicine, who regularly participate in different international conferences on trauma, re-plantation and transplantation issues.While you are at the Regional Trauma Center you will receive quality health care. The doctors, in collaboration with American colleagues pioneered operations on hip joint endoprothesis in the Ukraine. The hospital was originally founded in 1953. Today it has eight operating rooms and five hundred beds. Each year the hospital provides quality medical care for forty-five hundred adults and fifteen hundred children. The traumas most commonly treated include acute injuries of the upper and lower extremities, spinal injuries and damaged joints.

    Address: Artyom Street, 106, Kyiv, Ukraine