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    Lviv, or Lvov, as its called in Russian, is in the western part of the Ukraine. It is the largest city in this region and the cultural heart. Youll find Lviv to feel far more European than many other cities in the Ukraine. There are many attractions in Lviv; youll certainly be busy for the weekend. Lviv offers culture, art and history for the visitor. There are a wide variety of Lviv hotels, in many price ranges. can help you find hotels in Lviv, whether youre looking for a five star luxury resort or one of the discount hotels Lviv offers. If youre on a budget, finding Lviv cheap hotels is a great way to save cash.Dont miss a stroll through Lvivs old town, with its many quaint sidewalk cafes, churches and shops. Lvovs Black House is also a popular attraction. This tenement house was built at the end of XVI century for Italian tax-collector. The front elevation of the house is created from sandstone, making it architecturally significant. Since 1926 in "The Black House" has been part of the Historic City Museum. The St. George Cathedral is also a must see, as its one of the most beautiful in the world. If youre a church buff, see the Armenian Cathedral and the Church of Transfiguration, too.