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        You can see by visiting this region just how historical it is. As it was founded centuries ago, Odessa/Ukraine offers some unique sights and attractions. Since it is a location geared towards tourism, there are some excellent discount hotels in Odessa Ukraine that can help to appeal to all types of travelers. Tourism helps to keep this local economy moving, so this can only offer a great benefit to those who wish to visit this historic location.One could spend a great deal of time enjoying the local attractions, but the must see points of interest in Odessa Ukraine include: the port of Yuzhny, the underground world of the Odessa Catacombs, the Chornomorets Stadium to take in a local football game, and the architectural beauty that is the Odessa City Municipality. In enjoying this culturally diverse and historic region, it can be helpful to know that there are many options in terms of discount hotels in Odessa Ukraine. This can add to the allure of a trip here and allow you to enjoy some of the local attractions without spending a fortune.