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Zakarpattya is an administrative province that is located in the southern part of Ukraine. Nestled in the Carpathian Mountains, Zakarpattya has as its borders Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Romania. The surroundings are both beautiful and varied. There are alpine meadows, small hills carpeted with coniferous and deciduous forests, and three large rivers in the area. Four attractions in Zakarpattia received nominations back in 2007 to become a part of the Seven Wonders of the Ukraine. These attractions were the Nevytsky Castle, the Palanok Castle, the Mykhailiv Orthodox Church, and the Museum Upon the Chorna River. There are budget hotels in Zakarpattya with a relaxing atmosphere and tasteful accommodations.Zakarpattya has a mountain called Hoverla that is the tallest mountain of the range of mountains known as the Chornohora. Zakarpattya is also the tallest mountain in the Ukraine. It is popular with tourists and locals as well for its magnificent hiking potential. The Karpatskyi National Park is located in the same area of Zakarpattya, and is a magnet for those who want to enjoy some of the Ukraines beautiful scenery. The cheap hotels in Zakarpattya are perfect for every budget.