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When visiting Eastern Europe, one strategy is to choose hotels that serve as home bases for exploring a region during day trips. A budget Uzhhorod hotel can help you do that for part of Eastern Europe. A discount hotel in Uzhhorod, Ukraine will put you near both the border of Slovakia and the border of Hungary. The name of the city comes from the Uzh River that divides the city. The old section is on one side and the newer section is on the other. However, the city didnt receive this name until the 20th century. Previous names for the city included Ongvar, Hungvar, and Ungvar.The Uzhhorod Castle was built during the 14th century by Philip Drugeth and its construction ushered in a period of growth for the city. By 1430 the city was the county capital. Interestingly, the Greek Catholic church was declared the official religion in Uzhhorod in 1646 after centuries of fighting between protestants and catholics. Hence the Greek Catholic Cathedral is a popular stop for visitors to the city. Other popular attractions include the Philharmonic Orchestra, which is housed in the citys former synagogue, the Bercsenyi Palace, and the Museum of Folk Architecture with its Old Wooden Church.