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      Al Ain Details

      The name Al Ain means the spring in Arabic. This may seem a contradiction to the dry, hot air of the city. But the area is actually known as the Garden City. Al Ain is the fourth largest city in United Arabic Emirates, and has over 600,000 residents. It shares a border with Oman, and is approximately 150 kilometers from both Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The name for the area has historically been the Buraimi Oasis, named for the neighboring Oman town. In the background is the mountain Jebel Hafeet, which has mineral springs at the base and a spectacular view of the sunset at the top.Other attractions in the city include the Al Ain National Museum, documenting the history of the region. The Al Ain Palace Museum is a tribute to the luxurious lifestyle of past rulers. A number of old forts have been restored in the countryside, but the oldest archaeological site is Hili, with relics dating to the Bronze Age. For the family, there is also a zoo, the Fun City amusement park, and the Central Garden. Depending on your choice of activities, there are several conveniently located budget hotels in Al Ain. Use’s information to choose the best budget hotel for your trip.