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    Burj Al Arab hotel Details

    Even if you have never been to Dubai, you have likely heard of the Burj Al Arab hotel. It is currently the second tallest hotel building in the world at 1,050 feet (321 meters). It is built on an artificial island that sits 920 feet out in the sea and it is built to resemble the shape of a boats sail. The hotel proclaims to have a seven star rating two stars above the traditionally recognized limit of five stars. But for those who can afford to stay, they may agree. From a helicopter pad that converts to a tennis court to a staff trained to exceed expectations, the Burj Al Arab is extraordinary. But the most amazing feature is the way it was constructed 230 concrete piles of 130 feet each had to be driven into the sand, layered with rocks, then covered with a concrete base. Turning the area from sea to hotel platform took over three years less than the time it took to build the hotel structure itself.

    Address: Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 3, United Arab Emirates

    Phone: +971 4 301 7777