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    Shopping could be a full-time hobby in Dubai. No matter where you stay, it is likely to find shopping facilities nearby. The number of malls and shopping centers in Dubai is so large that each one comes up with a kind of gimmick in order to attract visitors. The Sahara Center is no exception. The center started making a name for itself at its opening, when the building was wrapped in the longest ribbon ever used in a grand opening almost 15,000 feet long. But Sahara Center is probably better known to tourists as being the home of the first indoor roller coaster in the UAE.In fact, the mall houses an entertainment complex of over 70,000 square feet one of the largest in the Middle East. The roller coaster is just one of 20 rides. Also found at Sahara Center are the UAEs first indoor water slide and first multi-level train ride. Of course, the shops in the mall, many of which are designer shops, draw a crowd as well. Over half a million people visit the center each month, and that is before the full vision for the complex is completed. Eventually, the mall will expand to be part of Sahara City, a complex with seven towers of 27 to 33 floors each.

    Address: Sahara Centre Overpass, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

    Phone: +971 6 531 6611