Hotels in Al Fujairah

Al Fujairah Details

The capital of the emirate of Fujairah is the only one of the seven that is located on the Gulf of Oman instead of the Persian Gulf. So if you want to see the Gulf of Oman, you’ll definitely want to book an hotel in Al Fujairah or its surroundings. The city, often called just Fujairah, is a business center, drawing business people from all across the globe. Although there are not many things to see in the city, Fujairah does make an excellent home base for day excursions to the surrounding area.As far as sites to see in the city itself, the only interesting one is the city’s fort, found just outside the modern city. It has been undergoing major renovations, but even if you cannot get inside the fort you can still take a walk around the building. Take a trip to Dubai for shopping, or to the wadis, or dry riverbeds, for camping or hiking. A trip to Diba, just 30km away, is a great place to do some sunbathing or enjoy some watersports. Or, take a boat trip on the Gulf of Oman to explore the coast from a different point of view.