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    Persian Gulf Details

    Nestled between the Arabian Peninsula and Iran, the blue water and white sand beaches of the Persian Gulf are well kept secrets. If you want to spend a wonderful weekend, Dubai is the place to visit. A wealthy country, Dubai has a modern and thriving economy, but not far from the Persian Gulf hotels are places of retreat – the oases of Khawanij and Awir. They are located in the dunes and contain lush gardens hard to imagine exist in a desert.Hotels in Persian Gulf are plush and accommodating, yet Persian Gulf cheap hotels are plentiful. When you stay in one of the discount hotels, Persian Gulf attractions can be easily accessed. You can visit the Persian Gulf museums and learn what desert life was like not so long ago. The Dubai Museum recounts the fascinating story of pearl divers and fishermen. The Heritage and Diving Village offers camel rides and shopping. If you want to see some of the best thoroughbred racing in the world, book your hotel on and attend the Dubai World Cup Horse Race.