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    The first thing that you need to know about Banff is that you mustnt tell people about it. If you do, then everyone will want to go there and no one wants that, for Banff is just so special that it has to be kept a secret. A really special secret, in fact. Even the Queen likes Banff; now if that isnt a recommendation, then what is Banff has lots to offer visitors. You can walk along the River Deveron, or how about a visit to Duff House, in the Deveron Valley This is a very exciting 18th Century stately home. Alternatively, you can take the opportunity to use Banff as a base and go exploring the rest of Banffshire.

    You could say that too many people have discovered Banff and it is now lodged in their hearts forever. Whilst this may be excellent news for them, it means that Banff hotel rooms can get booked up quickly. How do you find a hotel room that is within your budget or not overpriced Well simple, you just use and in a couple of clicks, your hotel room will be set aside for you, whether you are staying for one night or several weeks.