Hotels in Gardenstown

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Gardenstown Details

Gardenstown is one of the places in the United Kingdom that can guarantee you a nice and quiet weekend. Gardenstown is essentially a fishing village and most of the people are still clinging to this industry. You can easily see the role of fishing in this town when you visit the enchanting Gardenstown Port. The port is not just any port, but a picturesque harbour that accommodates various types of fishing vessels large and small. Near the port is the dark sandy beach which is very popular to locals and tourists. A little bit further from the beach and port is St. John's Church. Inside the modern structure are the remains of the original church that was built during the 16th century.

Most of the hotels in Gardenstown are family-owned discount hotels. Gardenstown locals are usually fishermen and if youre living in one of their hotels, youll have the chance to observe their way of life. In these Gardenstown hotels, you can taste the local cuisine, which naturally incorporates a lot of seafood. By visiting youll find the best Gardenstown hotels at very affordable prices, and you'll be able to search and compare different hotels in order to choose the perfect hotel to match your needs.