Hotels in Tobermory

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Tobermory Details

Tobermory is a real Scottish gem, often not boasted about, because after all, you don’t want everyone to know just what a fantastic place this really is. If you come to the island of Mull, you really must make the time to come to Tobermory and stay not just for a night, or for a weekend, but stay for a week or two. There is no wild clubs, but you can go wild and take a boat trip out to hopefully see some whales or dolphins. If you see seals then you should whistle at them, because it intrigues them. Visit the local Museum, which is very interesting and also sneak in some time to visit the Tobermory distillery. Or for a different view of life on Mull, go to the Mull pottery.As you can imagine, Tobermory often gets quite busy, so don’t give up on the chance to secure the hotel room of your first choice. But don’t panic: has it all available online, so you can just secure your hotel room today and then rest assured it has all been taken care of.