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      In the Borough of Bedford, the town of Bedford is found in the Bedfordshire region in East England. The town is the largest in the area, with a population of about 80,000 people as of the 2005 census. The main church in town is St. Paul’s Church, Bedford. It is found in the main square of the historic area of town. The original church was there in 1066, though the current structure was begun in the 13th century. Both John Wesley and John Bunyan preached in the church. Today’s structure features a tall spire, which was completely rebuilt in the 1860s. You may be able to see the spire from the area around your discount hotel, but if not just ask for directions.In St. Peter’s Church, Bedford, on St. Peter’s Street, you can find some of the most ancient remains in the town. The oldest are the two monoliths found at the church. In a stretch of gardens known as The Embankment, you can find the WWI War Memorial, identifiable by the sculpture depicting a knight slaying a dragon.