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          The United Kingdom is a country full of attractive cities just like Luton. If you are searching for a city to visit even just for a weekend, Luton may just be the answer. Luton is where you will find a wide range of attractions fit for any type of tourist. One of the places you should see is the Hat Factory. It is an art facility in the heart of the city. Another great destination to visit is the Wardown Park Museum. It is where you discover artefacts of Luton. The Stockwood Park Museum on the other hand features the Mossman Collection of vehicles that are horse drawn and you and your family will enjoy the Period Gardens as well. Those who love music can go to the Library Theatre and see whats in store.Start planning right at the convenience of your home. Start searching for hotels in Luton today. You can find cheap Luton hotels as well. View the Luton hotels listed in and find great deals and discount hotels Luton has to offer.