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      The Abbey Gatehouse in Bristol is one of the most fascinating attractions that one can stop at in order to learn more about Englands ancient history, as well as the heritage and culture of the local people. At one point, when the Church was more or less the law of the land, the entire countryside of England was rife with monasteries and abbeys, each of them as big as a castle. Most are now ruined, but the gatehouse that remains at Bristol is one of the last few chances to see what that period looked like, up close and personal.The gatehouse in question was once attached to the Abbey of St. Augustine, and its massive size was intended to accommodate traffic from horse drawn carriages through the major gate while the smaller one was to suit those who were traveling on foot. Today, the gatehouses are used as the cornerstone for facilities that Cathedral officials use to conduct business. These are an interesting architectural marvel in their own right, being added at a much later date by abbot John Newland.

      Address: English Heritage, Kingswood Abbey Gatehouse, Kingswood, Gloucestershire GL12 8RZ, United Kingdom