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    The town of High Wycombe combines the benefits of being an industrial town and a market town. From the 17th century, the people of this town are known for their woodworks and their furniture is one of the favorite in the region. The finest samples of these woodworks can be found in Wycombe Museum. Aside from woodworks, nature seems to agree with this town. Chiltern Hills is a landscaped area that encompasses other places. There are also beautiful structures found in the area such as the Hughenden Manor which is a national property. Believed to have existed since 1086, this structure and its land area cover a total land area of 1500 acres. Theres also the West Wycombe Caves that used to be the meeting place of a popular club. Now, it functions as the wax museum of the town.When you go there for the weekend, High Wycombe awaits you with great surprises. There are hotels in High Wycombe located near these important areas. The High Wycombe cheap hotels maybe a little bit farther from these places but they have their own places of entertainment. The discount hotels High Wycombe are usually operated by private individuals and they can give you a tour around town for free. In, you can find the best hotels in High Wycombe with great rates.