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      High Wycombe is a town of diverse character, and this diversity is represented nowhere better than at the Wycombe Museum, with its incredibly eclectic group of collections that should appeal to just about any tourist, whether theyre an artistic type, a history buff, or simply someone with a taste for the offbeat. United Kingdom tourists looking for something to do in High Wycombe should definitely take a look at what the Museum has to offer.Among its many collections are included such oddities as a shrine to the furniture industry. Here, one can find chairs, and other antique furniture that relates to the furniture industry which saw a boom here back in its early days. There are also coin collections, as well as the usual art exhibitions of classical and contemporary oil paintings, acrylics, sculptures, and even brass rubbings. Oral history is also recorded in a variety of audio recordings spanning a length of 30 years. Lastly, a photographic wing is dedicated to those photographs which best capture the spirit of local history.