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      Cardiff is the capital city of Wales. The city of Cardiff is located on the south coast of Wales and has an estimated population of three-hundred people. Cardiff was a small town up until the start of the nineteenth century. At this point in time Cardiff became a prominent port for the transport of coal. The city continued to grow as the arrival of industry wakened the sleepy region. There are plenty of activities to keep one busy during a pleasant weekend. Cardiff is home to a famous castle, renowned museum and a international stadium. If someone is interested in making a reservation at a Cardiff hotel, one only has to visit the website The website has lists of not only hotels in Cardiff but discount hotels Cardiff. This is perfect for a traveler who is interested in finding out information about Cardiff cheap hotels. Cardiff is considered to be a major center of history, sport and culture in the United Kingdom. There are three main attractions that travelers must visit. Visitors to the area can witness two thousand years of history spanning an eight acre site. The Cardiff Castle is treasured for being a part of Roman, Plantagenet, Norman and Victorian history. The National Museum and Art Gallery, located in the city of Cardiff, is noted for having an impressive collection of impressionist and post-impressionist art. The gallery also has a section that is dedicated to promoting contemporary Welsh artists. Cardiff is home to the Millennium Stadium. The huge stadium is home to the national rugby team and the opera.