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    Carmarthen rather enjoys its reputation as the oldest town in the whole of Wales and is keen to show that it is indeed very historic. One of the most popular attractions is the very famous Carmarthen Castle which is extremely impressive, even though it looks little like it probably did in its glory days. St Peter’s Parish Church is also worth a visit. Or you can take a trip down to see the remains of the Roman Amphitheater and Picton’s Monument is a historic monument that is kind of quirky and very Welsh. One interesting aspect of Carmarthen is that there are so many Welsh speakers locally, that it feels very much as if English is the second language here, which of course it is.Carmarthen also boasts a good number of hotels, which vary from offering cheap, discount rates, right up to fairly expensive hotels, so your budget won’t be over stretched, unless you want it to be. will finalise your hotel booking in no time at all, leaving you time to dream about a warm Welsh welcome.