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The English Channel Islands lie between France and England in the English Channel. The town of St. Martin Guernsey is located on the southwestern region of the island of the same name. Whether you prefer rugged cliffs or peaceful beaches, you can find what you are looking for when you stay in a discount St. Martin Guernsey hotel. The beaches in the area include those at Petit Bot Bay, Saint’s Bay, Marble Bay, and Petit Port. Ask at your budget St. Martin Guernsey hotel for information on how to book a boat tour in order to see the cliffs properly.Visit St. Martin’s Church in order to see an important prehistoric artifact. The statue of the Grandmother of Chimquiere is actually a menhir sculpture of a woman that is now kept at the gate of the church. When you leave the church, take a stroll through the cemetery for some beautiful old gravestones. If you are a soccer fan (football), you’ll be pleased to know that Saint Martin has a deep affection for their team. See if you can catch a game while you are in town for a chance to cheer with the locals.