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    Cheap hotels near Liskeard in Cornwall, United Kingdom are located above the Looe River Valley. Visitors will find much to do in and around the town. Stuart house is an ancient medieval structure dating from the 1600s. In 1964 it was used for lodging. It has been restored and is now a community arts building. Nearby is the old Guildhall from 1859. The Guildhall has a famous clock tower and has become a museum displaying the areas mining history. Ancient Egypt has also found a home in Liskeard. The Ancient Egyptian Centre displays a private collection of Egyptian art including mummies, sculptures, jewelry, and more.Discount hotels in Cornwall, United Kingdom near Liskeard allow visitors to experience the Cornwall countryside. The Carnegie Caverns are a famous concert venue with stunning natural acoustics. The caves are manmade and were used during WWII to store rum for the Royal Navy. And, Lux Park is a fabulous leisure center for the entire family. It hosts a pool, tennis courts, and exercise equipment.