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    Truro is often considered the preeminent spot for leisure and shopping in all of Cornwall in England. Originally a vast trade center because of its major port, the town has, over the years, gradually become a hot spot for tourists looking to relax and find some great deals. It’s not all about shopping til you drop, though. Truro also offers a huge number of architectural marvels from the Gothic era, including cathedrals and administrative buildings.For example, you can visit the Truro cathedral, which has been standing since the late 1880s, or the Royal Cornwall Museum, also boasting Georgian and Gothic styles. The open air markets that typify the region are always on prominent display as well with a number of specialty shops and eateries that cater to tourists looking for a sample of the local fare. After all that, why not take in a night-time show at the Hall for Cornwall Whatever you want to do, though, you’ll be needing to stay overnight, so be sure to book a discount Cornwall hotel at