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Antrim Details

Antrim is a town located in County Antrim in Northern Ireland, very near to Lough Neagh. As well as being historically significant, being the site of a battle between the Irish and the English during Edward IIIs reign, it is also situated in a beautiful area that is popular with tourists. One of the main features of the town that attracts visitors is its two castles, Shanes Castle and Antrim Castle, and these bring in a steady flow of visitors throughout the year.

There are a number of discount hotels to choose from when staying in Antrim, and can help you to find the perfect one for your stay. Once there, you will have a wide range of shopping and dining establishments to choose from, and there are also a number of historic buildings to admire in the high street, including the courthouse. A mile outside of the town is one of the best round towers in the whole of Ireland. At 93 feet high, it is an impressive monument that is well worth a visit during your stay.