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    Ballymena is a town located in Country Antrim, and had a recorded population of nearly 29,000 people in the 2001 Census. It is a historic town, founded on land donated to a family by King Charles I in 1626. One of the conditions of the gift was that the town held a free market every Saturday, and the people were so good to their word that it still runs today, and makes an enjoyable morning’s can help you to find and book a cheap hotel from the many that are available in Ballymena. From your hotel, you will be able to enjoy all that the town has to offer, including a number of historic buildings. These include the Town Hall which dates back nearly 100 years. There is also a particularly good example of a motte, which were large mounds of earth with wooden towers on top, in Harryville’s motte-and-bailey, which is one of the best examples in Northern Ireland.