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    Antrim Castle Gardens Details

    Not much remains of the 17th century Antrim Castle. It burnt to the ground in 1922. Today, you can locate small remnants, including the 1887 Italian tower. Yet, arguably, the most beautiful contribution of the castle remains. These are the incredible gardens.The Antrim Castle Gardens are not the average type of garden. They are an example of an Anglo-Dutch Water Garden. There are very few of their era remaining in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In fact, there are only three in existence. Antrim, in Northern Ireland possesses a fine example of this landscape style. The features focus on the element of water. There is a cascade, canals and a round pond. A limestone cascade decisively bisects the Long Canal. Narrow paths broach the edges of the canals. This creates an intimacy for those who walk along the banks earning it the name of Lovers Paths. There is also a parterre and a motte. The former was used for growing both medicinal and culinary herbs. The latter is viewing mount with its own intimately entwined twisted paths along a yew hedge.

    Address: Randalstown Road, Antrim BT41 4LH, Northern Ireland