Hotels in Bog Meadows Nature Reserve

    Bog Meadows Nature Reserve Details

    Most cities boast about their park. They also rave about their wooded areas and botanical gardens. Belfast does this trend to celebrate nature one better. It is home to an urban bog. Within the urban area of Belfast, you can actually visit a real and living bog or wetland. This is the Bog Meadows Nature Reserve. It has been the recipient of many awards, including one from UNESCO.The Bog Meadows Nature Reserve covers almost 20 hectares (47 acres) of wet land. It has streams, woodland scrub, open ponds and grazed meadows. The entire reserve is alive with the growth of plants and the sounds of animals. There are reeds of all types, and wetland flowers such as orchids. The grounds team with various bird species. They include bullfinches, house sparrows, kingfishers, linnets, starlings and teal. Wander along the network of paths. You may also see the common spotted orchid or even Leislers bats. You can always avail yourself of a special guided walk to make the most of your trip.