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    Some buildings have stood the test of time. Other buildings have survived bomb attacks. In Belfast Northern Ireland, the Grand Opera House has withstood both. Opened in 1895, it has been bombed and rebuilt not once but several times during the IRA campaigns.The Grand Opera House is a Victorian structure. In fact, it is an example of Victorian extravagance. The creative construction of Frank Matcham, the Grand Opera House exterior features twin domes. The interior is draped in purple satin and opulent gilt moldings. The structure, refurbished in the 1970's and restored in 1991 and 1993, is almost over-the-top in its presentation of its almost Oriental Victorian splendor. The new additions include a fresco by Irish artist Cherith Mckinstry, a work in the Victorian manner complete with a multitude of angels and cherubs. The Grand Opera house is truly a Grand Dame. It has survived the changes in public taste, adapting to meet their needs. Today, it provides patrons with live theatrical performances as well as concerts, playing host to theatrical companies from anywhere in the world.

    Address: 2-4 Great Victoria Street, Belfast, County Antrim BT2 7HR, United Kingdom