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    Armagh is home to two Archbishops, a Catholic and an Anglican. The Heritage Center in Armagh is in the former Palace Stables of the Armagh Palace Demesne. The entire complex of buildings was once part of the estate of the Catholic Archbishop of Armagh. As the Palace Stables Heritage Center, this building does whatever it takes to make the history of the Archbishops Demesne come alive.The Heritage Centre adopts a proactive approach. They use interpretative actors to re-enact history during one specific year -1786. As you become part of the household of the period, you will become party to several things. A tableau reveals how the Archbishop would have entertained his guests. Costumed guides from all levels of society, relate tales of their life. It is possible as you wander the grounds to see a stableboy, new butler, a surgeon and his Grace, the Archbishop Robinson.

    Address: Palace Demesne, Armagh BT60 4EL, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom