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    County Armagh is one of the six counties that make up Northern Ireland, also called Ulster, and is part of the United Kingdom. It lies on the border with theRepublic of Ireland. Armagh is remarkably green, thanks to plenty of rain. Asone of the western counties of Northern Ireland, it is somewhat off the beaten path. For that reason people come to budget hotels in County Armagh because they enjoy the rural atmosphere and the absence of crowds.

    The principal community in County Armagh is the city of Armagh. It is one ofIrelands oldest cities, dating back to the time of St. Patrick. There are two cathedrals, both called St. Patricks. The Catholic St. Patricks is a 19th century Neo-Gothic structure, famous for the arcade of statues over then doorway. The Protestant St. Patricks dates back to medieval times, and claims to have the bones of the Irish warrior king, Brian Boru. Around Armaghs beautiful tree-lined Mall are elegant Georgian buildings. One of them houses the Armagh County Museum. Here, and at a heritage center called St. Patricks Trian, you can learn the history of the city and the county. The Trian also has a Land of Lilliput fantasy center for children. Go to the Observatory Ground on College Hill for some wonderful views of the city. Just outside Armagh is Navan Fort, site of a legendary capital of Ulster.