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Billingham Details

The town of Billingham is found in County Durham, in the borough of Stockton on Tees. The town is in the northeast area of England, and as of 2006 had about 36,000 inhabitants. Originally, the town was founded around 650 A.D. by the group known as Billa’s People, Saxons who settled in the area. This is thought to be the root of the name Billingham.The town of Billingham is divided into two areas of old and new Billingham. The old portion of the village is found around St. Cuthbert’s Church. The new portion of town developed during the 1950s as planned homes that were needed due to the development of the ICI industry works. As the company grew, the town grew with it. If you want to experience the more historic area of the town, book your budget hotel in Old Billingham. You could also easily visit the neighboring villages of Cowpen Bewley or Wolviston.