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          Derby Industrial Museum Details

          Derby is well known as an industrial town, and among the other sites that commemorate this aspect of the regions history, the Derby Industrial Museum certainly stands out. The Museum is housed in what was once a silk mill, and was site of one of the first major advances in Englands silk trade, making the spot one with a rather colorful history.It is widely believed that the machines first employed here for the purposes of spinning silk more efficiently were actually stolen from the Italians, resulting in a long drama of espionage and blackmailing that ended in the entrepreneurial John Lombe being murdered by an assassin taking revenge for having their trade secrets stolen. Today, the Museum is home to many pieces of machinery and artifacts relating to the regions early history that shaped the industries that dominate it today. As such, it makes a worthy stop for any tourist interesting in such matters.

          Address: Silk Mill Lane, Derby DE1 3AF, United Kingdom

          Phone: +44 1332 255308

          Open hours: 3:00 - 9:00 pm