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      Torquay Museum Details

      When you are visiting the south west area of England it is absolutely necessary to visit the Torquay Museum. The museum offers many wonderful and exciting exhibits on a wide variety of subjects and arts. This city has lots of other wonderful places to visit, which means that when you are finished visiting the huge and informative museum you will have absolutely no problem finding any number of great things to do.If you enjoy shopping they have plenty of places to do this and you can get almost anything you can think of to buy there. There are also numerous restaurants of many varieties which also means you can find exactly what you or your family likes to eat. There are enough places near the Torquay Museum that when visiting this great museum you can make an entire day out of it including dining and of course plenty of shopping.

      Address: 529 Babbacombe Road, Torquay TQ1 1HG, United Kingdom

      Phone: +44 1803 293975

      Open hours: 10:00 am 4:45 pm