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      Poole Railway Station Details

      There are numerous great cities in England and you can get to all of them by traveling by Railway. The many great railway stations that stop in the lovely cities there also offer for themselves some of the nicest buildings in the country. One of the nicest rail stations is the Poole Railway Station which of course serves the town of Poole in Dorset England. There are a total of four stations in the Borough of Poole but this station mentioned is the best one there.This station receives trains from the South Western Rail Line and brings you from where ever you happen to be on that line to your final destination which will definitely be Poole. Poole is a lovely city and has a great many places to see all the beautiful natural sights in the country. When you are heading back the next station running clockwise from Poole Rail station is a mere 12 miles.

      Address: South Western Main Line, Poole, Dorset, England

      Opened: 1872

      Code: POO