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Gretna, or to give it its full title, Gretna Green is a town that is associated with romance and getting married. In former days, if an English couple were forbidden to marry or they were too young, they would elope together and cross the border to Scotland, where the laws on marriage were different. There they could be married. And where was the first town they came to Why it was Gretna. Gretna thus became well known as a place where romance was in the air. Today there are quite a tributes to this history and it is still possible for incurable romantics to marry in Gretna.The Old Blacksmith’s Shop and Visitor Attraction is a testament to the local history of the area and is the very first place where marriages took place. Gretna has also reinvented itself for the 21st Century and there is some fantastic shopping to be had here. It is also possible to use Gretna as a base and explore the rest of the lowlands area. There are plenty of hotels in Gretna many of which have wedding packages on offer as well. Securing a hotel room has been turned into a really easy process with, where you will find the hotel of your dreams, all from the comfort of home.