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      For the United Kingdom tourist who has seen all there is to see from the classic examples of the countrys artistic culture and tradition, theres one stop yet to make. The Bohemian Artists Quarter in Brighton is a small Mecca for modern artists looking to make a living while adhering to the traditions of a generation gone past. Situated along the beautiful seafront section of Brighton, near the magnificent pier, lies the Artists Quarter, where one can find nearly two dozen artists workshops and studios.Here, one can purchase a large variety of handmade artworks, including hand painted postcards of the Brighton area, and similar souvenirs. If they want something truly amazing, visitors can even commission a portrait from one of the local artists, thus truly immortalizing their trip to the area for all time. Simultaneously an example of modern free commerce and a throwback to past traditions, the Bohemian Artists Quarter of Brighton is a sight to see.