Hotels in Queens Park

      Queens Park Details

      Much like its cousin, Preston Park, Queens Park of Brighton offers a city attraction that steps away from the beauty of the modern art scene to appreciate the natural beauty all around us. The park is a woodland of course, but also features many Victorian era houses that are noteworthy in and of themselves for their architectural majesty and historical significance.The rest of the park features moments for quiet contemplation away from the hustle and bustle of the city, such as a stone walkway that winds through the local flora, and a pond that attracts animals such as ducks and geese. Theres areas to accommodate the more active as well, such as a childrens playground, a café so that you can stay all day and never get hungry, and like Preston Park, a garden with plants chosen for their scent to appeal to the blind. There are even bowling greens and tennis courts, and a wildlife observation area.

      Address: West Drive, Brighton, The City of Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom

      Phone: +44 1273 292929