Hotels in Stansted

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Stansted Details

Standsted is a village in the county of Essex, England, which is most well known for being very near to Stansted Airport, the third busiest airport in the UK. This obviously provides clear attractions for the village as a place to stay if international travel is going to make up part of your trip, and the proximity the village enjoys to London, being only 30 miles away, means that travel to the capital city is very easy to arrange, which is good news for business travelers or tourists wanting to explore the attractions of London whilst not having to stay in the city.If you want to stay in a hotel in Stansted, make sure you use to help make your reservation. Once there you will be delighted by this ancient settlement which has been in existence since before the Norman invasion. Historical remnants remain in the area, most notably in the remains of a castle which can be found near the village. But one of the main attractions is right next to the castle, and is the House on the Hill Toy Museum, the largest of its kind in Europe with over 80,000 toys in its collection.