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The biggest city in Scotland is a combination of ancient structures, modern architecture and some of the best festivities that you’ll find in the UK. There are lots of modern structures that you’ll find in Glasgow and among them is the Clyde Arc which covers and supports the bridge under it. There are also lots of centuries-old structures that can fill your itinerary for the weekend. Glasgow has the St. Mungo's Cathedral which boasts a 13th century tower and magnificent Gothic architecture. It was believed that the revered saints founded the city in one of their visits here. There’s also the People's Palace from 1898 with a glasshouse at the front. It is still a place for people to hang out but it’s more for cultural presentation. For arts, the Burrell Collection is just 20 kilometers from the center of the town. Though a private collection, it’s now accessible to the public. There, you’ll find extensive medieval art paintings. Lastly, you can also visit the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum which is housed in a century-old structure.The hotels in Glasgow are scattered around the area so that each visitor can select a hotel based on his or her preference. Some of the most expensive Glasgow hotels are located in the city center. There are also Glasgow cheap hotels for budget hunters. With discount hotels, Glasgow offers great savings for your trip. Visit for the latest tips on travel and hotels in Glasgow.