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Glasgow Royal Infirmary Details

The Glasgow Royal Infirmary is located in the north east of the city of Glasgow and is one of the largest teaching hospitals in Scotland. The impressive building was designed by Robert Adam and his brother James Adam and it opened its doors in the month of December 1794. It is located next to the Glasgow Cathedral and the site was where the Bishops Castle was originally located. The circular operating room with glazed dome ceiling was part of the initial construction, which included eight wards spread over five floors. One of the floors was underground. Initially the hospital had a total of just over one hundred beds.A number of specialist blocks were added during the course of the nineteenth century and in more modern times, additional new buildings were added to the campus. For example, a new building was added in 1983, while in 201, the Royal Maternity building was added, with the Jubilee accident and emergency wing being added a year later.

Address: 84 Castle Street, Glasgow City G4 0SF, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 141 211 4000

Opened: 1794