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      Tewkesbury is a small town in the United Kingdom with an unusual history. Located in Gloucestershire, Tewkesbury is named after Theoc, a Saxon hermit who was thought to have built his hermitage there during the 7th century. The town is situated at the confluence of the Avon and Severn rivers and boasts a population of just over 10,000 people. Visitors who select budget hotels in Tewkesbury, United Kingdom, will find this city is famous for its many Tudor-style buildings. The towns center is dominated by the Tewkesbury War Memorial, which is also known simply as The Cross.Discount hotels in Tewkesbury that can be booked without hassle on are situated to give visitors here a chance to explore the historic marvels that make this town well worth a stop. Tewkesbury Abbey, which was built in the 1090s, is the towns most celebrated attraction. The abbey is believed to rest on the site that Theoc staked out for his home. Other attractions in Tewkesbury include the Old Baptist Chapel, Mythe Bridge that spans the River Severn and a stone bridge over the Avon that was commissioned by King John in the 12th century.