Hotels in Croydon

      Croydon Details

      Croydon is a well known business district in the South London area. As a business district, there are numerous Croydon hotels that accommodate businessmen and tourists who visit during the weekend. Croydon also has a number of historical spots that will make your visit most meaningful. Among the landmarks in this business driven town is Addington Palace, a beautiful structure that was built during the early 19th century. It is now a privately owned estate with excellent golf courses. Theres also a house of charity called the Whitgift Almshouses, which was built to serve the poor and the needy during the 16th century.The hotels in Croydon are usually located at the town central. Some are luxurious Croydon hotels while others are discount hotels. Croydon can get really busy during the annual Croydon Summer Festival when Jazz concerts, circuses and theatrical performances are held throughout the town every July. Visit for hotel rates and information about this business town.